Seminar Program

The topics of the seminars being offered are, on the one hand, structured around the overall goals of the program, and on the other, around the needs and wishes of the mentees.

Depending one’s academic level, most of the seminars will address the following themes:

  • Communication and Status (for example: How do I position myself in groups? In team meetings? How do I make my voice heard? How do I prevent behavior that encroaches on my space in communication? How do I react when someone tries to take me down a notch? How do I make my position clear? How do I make myself more visible?)
  • Leadership (for example: management style, working in and with a team, conflict and transition management, agreement on goals and performance assessment, employee motivation, conversational skills with employees, gender issues in team leadership, etc.)
  • Etc…

In every seminar, there will be plenty of room for addressing concrete issues from the group of participants.

The methodological and pedagogical organization of the seminar is structured around the interests of the participants. Roundtable discussions, expert talks, working groups, presentations, role-playing are all possible pedagogical methods.

The active participation of seminar attendees is expected in at least 75% of the events.

We are members of the network: Lived Diversity at the Charité