The networking meetings are often structured around the interests of the participants. For example, we will invite individuals from external funding agencies or professors who will talk about their own personal lives and career paths. Informational events will also be organized for such topics as the law which limits short-term academic appointments or the habilitation process at the Charité. Such networking meetings provide the opportunity for the mentees to get to know one another and to share experience about everyday life in the profession, about their tandem partnerships, about negotiating between family life and career, etc.

The networking meetings also provide the opportunity to meet previous mentees from within the Charité Mentoring Program or other mentoring programs, as well as to meet other engaged researchers at the Charité.

In particular, the format “Biography in Conversation” is the most frequent type of event within the networking meetings. In these evening events, women in leadership positions are invited to informal roundtable discussions with a glass of wine to talk about their career paths, successful strategies, dealing with the experience of failure, and the compatibility of family life and professional life, as well as answer any questions the mentees may have.

We are members of the network: Lived Diversity at the Charité