The mentors demonstrate a particular commitment to and interest in young women academics and are happy to pass down their own knowledge and experience.

They will provide support in making professional goals tangible, in career planning and development, by pointing out alternative ways of doing things, by giving feedback, and by conveying the necessary informal know-how for working in academic organizations or in business. They will also provide counseling for the hiring process, job interviews, or regarding leadership skills. The length and frequency of each tandem session may vary for each individual tandem partnership.

Mentees will also be assisted with choosing a mentor by the Coordination Center. An enormous amount of trust and respect is reflected in the choice of mentor.

Common Topics within the Tandem-Partnership

  • Cultivating good contacts and providing content-related input for research endeavors
  • Providing feedback about informal knowledge concerning professionalization, external funding, professional organizations, publications, etc.
  • Suggestions for compatibility between family life and professional life
  • Suggestions about a desired change in one’s field of specialization
  • Administrative processes, organizational culture, and informal networks at the Charité
  • Valuable experience concerning the compatibility of research and clinical practice
  • Counseling and informal knowledge about the construction of one’s own laboratory or one’s own research group
  • Informal knowledge about the requirements, the burdens, as well as the prospects and opportunities, that go with being a professor
  • Strategic career-planning
  • Feedback and guidance regarding strengths and weaknesses
  • Handling conflicts with colleagues, employees, superiors, etc.

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