Qualified and dedicated female academics will be chosen as mentees at the Charité. Our target group consists of female academics with PhD’s, junior professors, women in the final phase of their dissertation, and junior group leaders at the Charité who seek to further their academic careers or who would like to take on leadership positions in research, academic administration, business, or in clinical areas.

Mentees can apply or will be recommended by special research teams to receive a contribution from the equal opportunity stipend of the DFG.

-For the selected mentees, an introductory workshop will be held where the mentees will have an opportunity to get to know one another and exchange information about mentors, who each have their own mentoring approaches, as well as about the current state of their professional careers.

-Afterwards, with the help of the Mentoring Coordination Center, suitable mentors will be found for everyone.



We are members of the network: Lived Diversity at the Charité