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Evaluation and Feedback

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Feedback from Participants

  • "I thought it was great! A truly excellent program that everyone at the Charité should take advantage of!"
  • "I think it's very good that the Charité implemented this program."
  • "Great! Empowering and very helpful"
  • "The atmosphere in the seminars was pleasant and relaxed, as well as extremely professional and helpful. We learned to recognize a variety of pitfalls in communication, try things out for ourselves, and were left with a whole toolkit of helpful aids for dealing with everyday life in the workplace (and beyond). The recognition of 'status symbols' was extremely helpful."
  • "Outstanding presentations, very insightful information and exercises. I found the topic 'High Status and Low Status' extremely helpful for making sense of particular behavioral patterns and types of conflict. Some of the exercises, in addition to being quite entertaining, were also eye-opening: for example, the 'Talk Show' was the perfect finale—self-presentation is everything. The coach was simply excellent and had a lot of passion and commitment!"
  • "I got to take a peek behind the scenes, so to speak, to see who you have to dance with and the best way to move around in this network."

Responses to the question as to what was helpful in the mentoring

  • "That I could always ask someone when I was at a loss, particularly regarding questions of diplomacy."
  • "That one could be open and also ask 'dumb' questions. My mentor was very honest, but never hurtful."
  • "Decisions about how I should proceed."
  • "Sharing experience"
  • "Strategies for publication, continual reinforcement of my university career, helpful tips."

Responses to the question as to what the participants took away with them from the program

  • "That lots of women have the same issues, that almost everyone is afraid of academic life, that the problem is the law limiting short-term post-doc opportunities, that support among women is a huge relief."
  • "It is essential to have a good network and to be honest with the people in it."
  • "Contact with my mentor and hopefully also with my mentees"
  • "The necessity of networking and the skills to do it, and to proactively engage in order to realize your goals"
  • "A likely longer ongoing relationship with a really nice mentor"
  • "A new job"

Program Coordinator

Dr. Ingar Abels

Program Coordinator